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Niche News - March 2016

In this issue

  • Update on Lung Clearance Index and Phase III Slope
  • COPDGene Results Presented at ERS Amsterdam 2015
  • TSANZSRS Conference 2016 Perth
  • Get the latest EasyWare and EasyWare Pro

Niche News - August 2015

In this issue

  • Video of FeNO Symposium - Request your Copy
  • Introducing NIOX VERO Airway Inflammation Monitor
  • iCO Personal Smokerlyzer
  • New Look Micro and piCO Smokerlyzers
  • Australasian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy (ASCIA 2015) Adelaide
  • ERS International Congress 2015 Amsterdam
  • Get the latest EasyWare and EasyWare Pro

Niche News - February 2015

In this issue

  • PFT Interpretation
  • FeNO Impacts Asthma Treatment
  • Lung Flute Improves Symptoms in COPD
  • Lung Flute in Cystic Fibrosis
  • NEW piCO Baby Smokerlyzer
  • TSANZSRS Gold Coast
  • Get the latest EasyWare

Niche News - March 2013

In this issue

  • Bronchial Provocation Protocol for Mannitol and Methacholine now in Easy on-PC and EasyOne Pro
  • TSANZ / ANZSRS Joint Masterclass on Exhaled Nitric Oxide - Darwin, March 2013
  • Smokerlyzer Trade-in Offer on a new Smokerlyzer
  • Get your free Carbon Monoxide Interpretation Poster for use with your Bedfont Smokerlyzer
  • GLI (Global Lung Index) now available for EasyOne Spirometer, Easy on-PC and EasyOne Pro
  • Paediatric Software Update for Easy on-PC and EasyOne Pro
  • Visit us at the TSANZ / ANZSRS ASM's in Darwin

Niche News - October 2012

In this issue

  • EasyOne Pro LAB outreach to Thursday Island
  • Management of Asthma in Pregnancy
  • ATS Guideline - Interpretation of Exhaled Nitric Oxide
  • NIOX MINO - FeNO measurement

Niche News - August 2011

In this issue

  • Proven Lifetime Stability for the Easyone Spirometer
  • Bedfont Smokerlyzer CO Monitors
  • NIOX MINO - FeNO measurement
  • The Lung Flute - Diagnostic and Therapeutic
  • EasyOne Pro LabSystem
  • LiteAire Spacer - Tested in Humans
  • Have you got the latest software for your EasyOne Spirometer?

Niche News - February 2010

In this issue

  • Important Firmware Upgrade for all Easyone Spirometers
  • DLCO Simulation Service
  • New easy on-PC

Niche News - November 2009

In this issue

  • The Victorian Ambulance Service adopts the use of the LiteAire Disposable Cardboard Spacer
  • EasyOne Pro - The New Standard in DLCO
  • Vapotherm Precision Flow - Simple and Effective Delivery of High Flow Oxygen via Nasal Cannula
  • Portable Ultrasonic Nebuliser